Our Real Estate Expertise


The real estate expert renders an objective opinion and commits his responsibility.

He has specific insurance to practice his job as an appraiser. Contrary to the estimates and opinions of value rendered classically by real estate agents, the expert undertakes, in pronouncing himself, his professional civil liability. Several methods are cross-checked and weighted, to ensure the reliability of the defined price. The geographicals, environmentals and legals elements are taken into account in the evaluation. A report details very precisely calculations and methods, it is based on demonstrable facts. The expert report remains the only opposable and producible document with third parties, banks, courts ...

Uncertainty about the value of a property or differing estimates ... Here are some situations that make you vulnerable. Examples of the inconvenience related to a poor knowledge of the price of his property are numerous; too long a sale, hard negociations, purchase of an overvalued property, overpayment of the inheritance tax or underpayment of the latter which leads to a strong added value thereafter ...

Real estate expertise has become unavoidable; it confers four powers: INFORM - DEMONSTRATE - GUARANTEE - SECURE.

Good to know: We offer an expertise to our clients who have entrusted us with an exclusive sales mandate. (available to consultation in the agency)

Expertise is a service that we offer regardless of any purchase or sale.

Nevertheless, any transaction should be preceded by a precise appraisal of the value of a good, to save time and not lose money.

You can ask for an expertise at any time of the transaction process, but also for any patrimonial decision, to make your tax declarations, and in certain acts of the private life.


Sell quickly and cleverly, avoid abusive negotiations, you are aware of the right price.


Do you have a real property in sight?

Ask for an expertise ,you will be certain of the right price to pay.

The use of an expert is also necessary in the following cases:

  • Divorces
  • Estates
  • Bank loans, renegotiations
  • Disputes
  • Expropriations
  • Donations
  • Statements of EWB
  • Tax audit
  • Indivision exit
  • Real estate exchange
  • Professional Real Estate
  • ...

During our missions, we guarantee you:

Impartiality, diligence, methodology, responsibility, professional secrecy.

Our reports comply with the TEGOVA standards and the charter of expertise .

The cost of an expertise:

The rate of the expertise mission is fixed before it starts.

It depends in particular on the size of the property and the specificity of the elements to check. An expert report (about 25 pages) usually costs between 500 and 1500 Euros.

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